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Friday, February 21, 2014

Wicca 3

As primarily a Solitary Practitioner, I find the use of the traditional tools and trappings to be a comfortable reminder of a connection to Paganism in general and Wicca in particular. 

I have also found that the more experienced the practitioner, the less the tools are necessary.  As the lesson indicated, the tools help us in visualization; to focus our attention and imaginaton.  One of my early teachers indicated. "...the working tools, the trappings and rituals are to help us 'suspend our sense of disbelief'".  I have found that all of the ritual tools, the incense and candles, the salt and,water, all help to remind me that I am ,"in a place that is not a place and in a time that is not a time."

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Lesson 1

I was thrilled to receive my first lesson.  Most of the information is info I have studied before, but was refreshing to read it again.  I have read all of Jean Auel's books and re-read them every year or two.  I feel very close to the Goddess when I read these books.  Thank you for all the information that you include in the lessons.  I have tried other schools but have felt lost and left out.  I feel this is a course that will keep the good lessons and information coming!  

Thank you once again.  I hope as I go through these lessons I will be able to write more concise and interesting blogs.


Monday, August 26, 2013

Lesson 24-LBRP

Good Evening--
This has been a wonderful class.  Thank you so much for putting these lessons together.  For those who are new to Wiccan practices, this course is a wonderful foundation to begin your path.  It is also a nice refresher for those who have been on our journey for some time.  Sometimes we forget the basics.  When performing the LBRP I always feel protected and refreshed.  I love working with the archangels and talk to them often.  Once again, thank you!
Merry Meet, Merry Part, and Merry Meet Again!
Rev. Candy S. Lacey-Partlow
Rose Oak Interfaith Ministries/
Coven of the Three-Fold Path

Friday, August 23, 2013

Lesson 23-Improving Your Spells

One of the first things that I learned when I started spell work was the importance of timing with spells. Timing does play an importance in the outcome of a spell and its effectiveness.  We definitely do not want to do spell work to banish a bad habit during a waxing moon as we want to get rid of it, not intensify it.  And visualizing the outcome of the spell is definitely helpful in determining when we should perform the spell and what tools we may need to achieve the outcome of our spell. 
I have attached a Domestic Meditation that I wrote for one of our Coven's New moon's.  Please feel free to use it and modify it for your use.
I have also attached a copy of a working we did during the The Moon in Aquarius.
Blessed Be,
Rev. Candy S. Lacey-Partlow
Rose Oak Interfaith Ministries/
Coven of the Three-Fold Path

Lesson 22: Beginning Spells

I have been doing spell working for a long time now.  I just have a few comments about the lesson.
1)I do not believe it is necessary to cast a circle every time one works a spell.  If I am doing simple candle magic, I do not usually cast a spell.  I light the appropriate candle, focus the energy on the intent and send it.  Usually this would be cleansing the air, healing, encouragement, and peace. Now, if I am doing a protective working, I do.  If I am doing kitchen magic and preparing something for a sabbat or other magickal gathering, often I will put my energy into the cooking, whatever the intent of the magickal gathering would be.  Sometimes, I just think loving thoughts for those the meal is being prepared.
2)If a Circle is cast, it is not just for protection, but also as a "container" in which to build the energy for the working.  I do agree with staying within the Circle during a right as it diminishes the power of the Circle when it is opened.  If one must leave, then as you say, cut an opening and seal to protect others and contain the energy while you are gone. Then cut an opening to go back in and then seal with a protective pentagram or other magickal symbol that your path uses.
3)I like your Nightmare-Free Sleep pouch.  I created one for one of my "adopted children" who came to me with difficulties.  I created a little dream pillow and put in it lavendar and mugwort.  The lavendar to calm and the mugwort to keep those "bad/disturbing" thoughts at bay. 
4)A little on exorcisms.  I know we discuss exorcising negative energy and spirits.  But, I caution anyone who may want to try this on the living.  If you really think someone is "possessed", check with someone who is familiar with possession.  I do believe it is possible, but not likely.  If you try to exorcise someone who you believe is possessed and they are not, you could cause their death. 
5)Home and Protection Spells.  Warding you, your loved ones, and home should be done frequently.  Some say daily, some several times a week, etc. I tend to do it monthly.  If there is negative events surrounding you within or without your home, you may want to cleanse and set fresh wards more often.  Make sure to keep your home from clutter and dirt.  Negative energy seems to like to attach to dirt, dust, and clutter.  Try to get rid of the clutter.
6)Spells to ease emotional pain.  These are great as a tool to help you begin to heal.  But remember, healing does take time.  I am a Trained Victim Advocate, I am also a survivor; I am also have been trained and worked as a volunteer Drug and Alcohol Addictions Advocate.  Take your time, find support. If you find that you cannot overcome troubling issues, seek professional counsel. If you are battling something spiritual, then seek pastoral counsel.  You may need to seek both. 
I do enjoy these lessons and they are a wonderful refresher to make me think. I hope others who take these classes enjoy them as well.
Love and Light,
Rev. Candy S. Lacey-Partlow
Rose Oak Interfaith Ministries/
Coven of the Three-Fold Path

Lesson 21-Ethics

I know we have mentioned the "An It Harm None, Do what thou Wilt" motto that so many of us use and most of us try not to do anything to affect another's will.  We also must consider that whatever we do, will affect something.  Back in 2011, I lost my job at a manufacturing facility.  I needed a job, so of course I did begin working on a spell, which the results did not happen right away.  First of all, I was very specific about what I wanted-and I did end up with the job I wanted.  But, I was also not the only person who interviewed for that position.  So, by me getting that job, someone else did not. Which may have meant that they could not feed their family.  Now that was not my intent, but I could have potentially put this family in a position in which they could not feed their children. But by me not getting this job, I would have lost my home.  So, the point is, there is always going to be a consequence and it will affect others.
Many years ago, when I was in a church, we prayed that we would have rain (a little weather magic) for our "Showers of Blessing" ladies retreat.  Guess what, it happened.  We had put the energy out there.  But it rained for days and days and days.  Why? We were not specific.  This also meant that there was a lot of area flooding.  Which flooded out some of the farm fields where we were.  Too much rain--definitely not good for growing crops. 
Another time, I worked on a Love Spell. Now, for a long time my taste in men we will say were not exactly good for me.  So, I devised a spell to find the "perfect" mate.  I did not ask to change his will and I did not ask for someone specific.  I asked for the Universe to find the person who was right for me.  To be honest, my husband now, is the man that was sent to me.  Would I have chosen him, no.  I always liked those "bad" boys.  But, my husband I have now, I wouldn't send him back. He has bettered me.  We had met when I was a teenager and I waited on him at a department store I worked at.  Then he waited on my at a couple of places he managed.  We even were married to other people who were not right for us.  But, the Gods did see fit to bring us together when we needed each the most.  So, if we ask right and it is part of our Perfect Will, Truth, Plan for this life, it will be brought to pass.
My advise for spell workings: Always be specific when working spells; think about how the results of an answered spell will affect others; divine and see if you really should work the spell.  Sometimes the spell is not in our best interest and will cause additional problems later.
Love and Light,
Rev. Candy S. Lacey-Partlow
Rose Oak Interfaith Ministries/
Coven of the Three-Fold Path

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Lesson 19-Herbology Part II

Good Afternoon everyone!

I have been studying herbs diligently for seven years now and have been working off and on on a Master Herbalist Certification as well.  Herbs are a passion of mine and also in part how I came to Wicca.

This study has provided a very good starting point for those who are new to herbalism, but I would like to offer some other points as well.

1)Herbs and tools if you cannot find locally such as Trader Joe's, Raisin Rack, or other health food store or metaphysical shop (keep in mind that not all herbs found in metaphysical shops are food grade if this is to be used on skin or ingested), I recommend the following:

Mountain Rose Herbs: (this one is my favorite!)

Azure Green:

Oregon's Wild Harvest:

Of course growing your own is best, but not always possible.

These places also offer some of the mortal & pestles, jars, droppers, etc. that you may want to purchase.

Specialty Bottle: (I have ordered in bulk from here in the past and was happy with the quality and price of the bottles.)

My Oil Business: (This site was recommended to me from an agent that I met who sells DoTerra oils (which is an excellent essential oil quality.)

Of course, I collect bottles from other people who bring them to me and I save from my purchases.  

DO NOT use plastic bottles for your herbs as the chemicals in the plastic may leach into your herbal product.

Also, DO NOT use aluminum pots for your herbs as these can chemically react to the herbs that you are decocting or infusing.  I use a stainless steel double boiler for many of my herbals.  I also do use a cast iron pot for many of my herbals.  

If you are going to use plastic spoons, use the mylar spoons for stirring, mixing, etc.

Measuring supplies can be found at any commercial kitchen supply store.  You will be amazed at what you can find.  I have been able to purchase some unique measuring supplies from places such as Sur La Table, Williams Sonoma, and Wasserstrom.  

2)As far as oils, I do keep a stop of extra virgin olive oil on hand; but also keep on hand a variety of other oils.  Depending on the use of the herb, will depend on which oil I will use.  Sometimes that decision is based on a magickal application.  

Almond oil can be used to attract money and good luck.

Apricot oil can be used in love potions to bind the lovers.

Coconut can be used for luck.

Grapeseed oil for magick and fertility.

Olive oil can be used in fidelity, love, peace, general applications.

Safflower can be used in hex magick and to attract sexual encounters.

Jojoba oil can be used generically as it has no known magickal properties that I am aware.

As far as decoctions and infusions, the longer the herbs are steeped/brewed the stronger the "tea" will be.  For medicinal uses, use the weakest "tea" possible to reduce any side effects (yes, herbs can cause side effects in some conditions and will react with some medications-check with your health care professional and review an herbal PDR.)

The study of herbs is a lifetime study. There are always new discoveries.  For those you just beginning with herbs, pick 10 herbs that speak to you and are common and learn all you can about it: properties, how it is used, how you feel when using the herb, magickal properties, how it reacts with other herbs, medicines, in magick, etc. and document that information.  Many herbs can be used for many different applications: culinary, medicines, magick, arts & crafts, etc.

Until Next Time!

Blessed Be,

Rev. Candy S. Lacey-Partlow
Rose Oak Interfaith Ministries/
Coven of the Three-Fold Path